With the successful translation of SAM (the Spectro Acoustic Metering System) from the laboratory to the commercial workplace, users report many successful applications of the technology in monitoring industrial and domestic nuisance noiseissues. The Tararua District Council have been using a SAM 1.0 for the past two years with considerable success.

SAM has recently completed two important monitoring jobs for the Horowhenua District Council. One of these will likely take SAM to the environmental court on behalf of the council.

The Wanganui District Council has just completed a major noise investigation involving commercial entertainment and its effects on nearby residents, using SAM.

For the past eight months, a SAM has been monitoring nuisance noise from the Makara wind farm. Residents' claims regarding nuisance noise are supported by SAM's 24-hour monitoring capability and dual microphones: one external and one internal to the residence. SAM's spectral analysis ability has given fine definition to the tonal noise problems experienced by some Makara residents, utilising its 24th octave capability.

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Wind Turbine Book

With the successful debut of our monograph on the effects of wind turbines on communities as evidence for the Turitea Board of Inquiry we can now offer the first edition for sale to the public. For more information, click on the Publications link in the navigation bar above, or on the image of the book's cover at the right.