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Wind Farm Noise Management Conditions

Dr Bob Thorne and Mr Max Thorne


The following model wind farm noise management conditions have been prepared on the basis of evidence given in different Hearings in New South Wales, Victoria and New Zealand, the Report of the New South Wales Parliament General Purpose Standing Committee No 5 ‘Rural Wind Farms’ with respect to the unique characteristics of wind farm sound emissions, monitoring and compliance, various statutory delegation authorities, the Environment Protection and Heritage Council draft guidelines, relevant wind farm codes/guidelines/standards and Conditions of Approval for New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and New Zealand.

The Conditions provide an administrative process for certainty in application and addresses the primary question: 'how can a noise complaint be satisfied?'.

Condition 1 establishes a 2000 metres prohibition zone between wind turbines and dwellings or noise-sensitive places.

Condition 2 establishes a 3500 metre buffer zone for noise mitigation between wind turbines and dwellings or noise-sensitive places.

Condition 3 provides for circumstances when conditions 1 and 2 do not apply.

Condition 4 establishes the relevant operational noise criteria. The approach taken is by setting specific compliance levels. Different criteria are applied.

Condition 5 provides for circumstances when condition 4 does not apply...


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