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Research and Development

Research is a component of all consulting. Atkinson and Rapley are fortunate to have the expertise and qualifications to undertake original research. In the case of the environmental acoustic analysis, it became apparent that there was a niche for an instrument that could record sound samples in a variety of modes, and then perform spectral analysis on the data in statistically wide and deep patterns. With the aid of our associates, and the benefit of computer technology, we developed SAM, a ground-breaking noise analysis system which is at once simple to use, but also remarkably versatile.

The push for renewable energy sources has begun a proliferation of wind farms around New Zealand. Admirable though they are from an environmental perspective, experience locally and overseas increasingly points to the fact that industrial turbines generate intolerable collateral noise. We continue to research the causes and effects of this nuisance noise, and what measures ought to be taken to prevent them from causing massive disruption to the community.