The consulting network for Business, Environment and the Community they serve.

Our Associates

While Garth and Bruce form the nucleus of the consulting network, the power of the organisation is attributed to a wide range of colleagues who form participative teams on a individual project basis.

Dr. Huub Bakker - Technology & Engineering - System control
Dr. Bob Thorne - Noise and Human Health
Dr. John Podd - Psychophysiology
Dr. Daniel Shepherd - Psychoacoustics
Dr. David McBride - Environmental Medicine
Dr. David Bennett - Geophysics
Dr. Don Maisch - Bioelectromagnetics
Dr. Al Rowland - Cytogeneticist
Dr. Greg Sherley - Zoology and Ecology
Mr. Nic Jennings - Industrial Training
Ms. Rachel Summers - Geographical Information Systems
Mr. Nic Broomfield - Computer Systems and Training
Mr. Greig McLeay - Engineering Production
Mr. Colin Wheeler - Engineering Design & Manufacturing
Mr. Neill Bryce - Electronics, Microcontroller Design