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The assessment of the effects of sound, noise, flicker and the human perception of wind farm activity has become a major problem for many communities. Without learning what is truly happening near wind farms, planning and management of them will be fraught with uncertainty and risk.

This Review brings together a series of Papers dealing with issues of human perception of wind farm noise and is in response to requests by residents affected by wind farm activity and from regulating authorities during wind farm resource applications for an independent review of wind farm sound, noise, flicker and human perception. The Review is presented in six parts:

A multidisciplinary, expert committee approach is taken, with Papers being written by reputable research scientists and engineers, and with each Paper peer-reviewed by persons of similar standing.

Critiques from persons having researched conclusions different from the authors will be accepted for inclusion in future revisions. Such critiques must be supported by evidence prepared by the person presenting the critique and must be supported by a statement of qualifications and experience.

Some references are cited many times through the text. To reduce the burden of pages the references have been consolidated at the end of this Review.



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